Japan Says North Korea Already Reached Miniaturizing Nuclear Weapons For Warheads

Thanks to former President Bill Clinton who originally gave North Korea nuclear capabilities in 1994. A video of his speech is out there for everyone to see.

Also thanks, Barack Obama for ignoring our enemies when they were building up their arsenal. Everybody stop worrying about nonsense stuff and let the president do his job.

North Korea has reportedly produced a compact nuclear warhead that can be placed inside one of its advanced missiles – which are already believed to be capable of reaching half of the United States, report says.

The Washington Post broke the story and CNN has been covering the story for the past hour. The last thing these news organizations want to do is detract attention from the Trump investigation. If THEY are covering the story, it may be more serious than people think.

Source: The Guardian

“North Korea’s development of ballistic missiles and its nuclear programme are becoming increasingly real and imminent problems for the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, as well as the rest of the world,” said the report, which ran to more than 500 pages.

Japan’s defence ministry said that security threats had reached a new stage after the North conducted two nuclear tests and more than 20 ballistic missile launches last year.

The report went on to speculate that North Korea had improved its technological expertise to the point where it could theoretically marry a nuclear warhead with a missile.

It is conceivable that North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme has already considerably advanced and it is possible that North Korea has already achieved the miniaturisation of nuclear weapons into warheads and has acquired nuclear warheads,” the ministry said.

Some experts believe the North has already miniaturised its nuclear capability, while others believe the regime is still several years away from being able to do so. The Japanese defence ministry report was vague.

It’s almost laughable that people blame trump. Like they just developed this in the last 200 days. I want to laugh but it’s too sad to laugh. Are people really this stupid?

It amazes me how the snowflake liberals can be stupid enough to say “Thanks, Trump” for this situation. These North Korean lunatics have been testing these missiles for years. As our feckless government leaders were preparing to march our troops in Iraq, North Koreans were parading their nuclear warheads through their streets and making threats.

They bragged about having weapons of mass destruction, and we ignored them. Through the Clinton, Bush and Obama presidential terms, they made their threats against us. We now have a president who spoke out against this and supported sanctions against them and you liberals want to speak up now and blame the only President that has done anything to avoid your butt getting blown off the face of the earth, despicable.

If Kim Jong Un is capable of getting a couple of missiles over here to the states, it will be the end of his country period! The nukes they are talking about are very very small. Trump’s MOAB bomb would do more damage than one of these nukes! Yes, unfortunately, there would be thousands of deaths here, but it wouldn’t be anything like what you see in the movies.

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