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[VIDEO] Jane Fonda Vows to Give Up ‘Clothes’ in Insanely Bizarre ‘Climate Change’ Pledge

Is Jane Fonda alright?

I feel like a close family member should check in on her.

Jane’s gone off the deep end ever since she was inspired by teen climate bully Greta Thunberg.

Fonda vowed she would move to D.C. and protest every day for “climate change.”

I think she’s been arrested like 4 or 5 times already – a total waste of police resources, by the way.

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But now, it’s as if Fonda is trying to “out-kook” herself during each protest.

Her latest stunt involves a new insanely bizarre “pledge.”  Fonda is vowing to never buy another piece of clothing again — all in the name of “climate change.”

I’m sure Prada and Dior are bummed.

Fonda made the announcement during a “climate change” protest. But the best part about her pledge was that she had  just purchased a gigantic new red “cloak” because she said she “needed one.”


However, she now promises that it will be her last purchase – ever.

“You see this coat? I needed something red, and so I went out and found this coat on sale. This is the last article of clothing that I’m going to ever buy,” she said.

Fonda then credited to climate doomsayer Greta Thunberg for making her “think a lot about consumerism.” (I thought that said “communism” when I first read it, and actually that makes more sense).

“I grew up when consumerism didn’t have such a stranglehold over us, so when I talk to people about how we don’t really need to keep shopping, we shouldn’t look to shopping for our identity, we just don’t need more stuff, then I have to walk the talk,” she said. “So I’m not buying any more clothes — it gives me a lot of free time.”

That’s right folks, Jane Fonda, who probably has a wardrobe bigger than mine, yours, and 177 other people combined, is now making the ultimate sacrifice. She won’t buy another piece of clothing (except for that huge red coat/cape she just bought.)

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In truth, this probably won’t be too hard for Fonda, since she’ll likely be “dressed” by her stylists with clothes given to her by designers to wear on the red carpet and such.

I’m just thankful that she’s keeping what clothes she currently has, on her body.

Thank goodness.

You can watch the video below:

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