James Clapper — We Don’t Need ANOTHER Investigation

James Clapper, Former Director of National Intelligence, wants you, the American voter to remember the reason why there was a Russian investigation in the first place — they infiltrated our presidential elections in 2016, and we wanted to know why.

This is coming from the most unintelligent head of intelligence that we ever had, a blowhard in love with himself. From my viewpoint, Clapper is trying to change the subject and confuse the justice hound dogs. Russian election interference was never the real issue until Clapper and others made it one.

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It will be interesting to watch the U.S. Attorney John Durham investigation unfold. If either John Brennan or James Clapper is indicted, it would not be surprising to see him cop a plea and start naming names. If that happens, the entire edifice comes down, taking a LOT of people with it.

“There’s already one substantial investigation, which, as I understand, is nearing completion, being conducted by the Department of Justice Inspector General. I’d wait for the outcome of that to determine if there need to be more investigations,” Clapper continued.

“That was a profound threat — and still is — to our electoral system. I wish people would pay more attention to volume I of the Mueller report, the exhaustive detail about what the Russians did and we’re losing sight of that,” Clapper said.

Clapper had his days at the helm, and he lied to Congress and deceived the American people by knowingly spying on all of us. Now he’s just scared of the forces beyond his control, now in power, can lift the rugs, and see what was swept under them.

Clapper and Brennan used their intelligence apparatus to give credence to the Trump/Russian collusion by leaking the dossier to leftist media and then once they routinely used each leftist source as their source, the story started to demand an investigation. This is a FACT!

And these criminals also knew that Russia was ramping up efforts to interfere in the 2016 elections in 2015. This was their cover to frame Trump if he became President because it was real, so, therefore, it must be plausible that Trump colluded with Russia. Plausibility is everything.

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One thing I know for sure, Rep. Jerry Nadler and the Dem leadership do not care one bit about Russian interference in our elections. If they did, they would go over to the DOJ and read the full, unredacted Mueller report with underlying documents that Barr made available to them weeks ago. To date. Not one single Democrat has bothered to read the report —- when Mueller found no collusion, Dems lost interest in the real point of the investigation – Russian meddling.

Look at how they eat their own. Rod Rosenstein unloads on James Comey, says he broke ‘bright lines that should never be crossed.’ Rosenstein slams Comey for becoming a ‘partisan pundit and on and on. Brennan and Clapper helped to push the fake Trump Dossier.

They know they are in big trouble, maybe even jail time.




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