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Ivanka Trump Weighs In On Moore Allegations: “I Have No Reason To Doubt The Victim’s Accounts”

The President’s daughter Ivanka Trump has weighed in publicly concerning Judge Roy Moore, and many Trump supporters will not be happy with her statement.

Ivanka has decided to believe the allegations against Judge Moore rather than wait for proof. Once again, this is a dangerous precedent to set because any man can receive allegations from this point on and without a jury will be found guilty in the eyes of the American people. Someone needs to get to Ivanka soon because it’s a bad decision. (Related: Ben Shapiro On Roy Moore: “He Has To Go, Allegations Are Highly Credible”)

Even Ben Shapiro said the allegations are “highly credible.” Who does this? Who decides this? Again, this is dangerous.

Source: Fox News

It was unclear whether she was specifically directing the first comment at Moore himself, but had strong words for the Alabama senate candidate if he was indeed found to have done what he is accused of.

There’s a special place in Hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts,” she told the AP at an event near Toms River.

There’s also a special place in HELL for those people who falsely accuse someone of sexual misconduct.

Trump did not directly call for Moore to drop out of the race to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat.

According to the AP, Trump was confronted by reporters at the Capitol, asking about Moore, to which she responded, “Guys, I’ve been here all day.”

One of Moore’s chief supporters in his primary campaign, Breitbart News executive Stephen Bannon, expressed indignation at the possibility the judge committed the alleged acts, Jonathan Serrie reported.

If Moore lied to him about the accusations, Bannon reportedly said, “I will put him in a grave myself.”

Ivanka, no credible evidence has been brought forth on Judge Moore so far the only evidence is their word against his and what appears to be a faked writing in a yearbook. (Related: Roy Moore Accuser’s Stepson Puts Her On Blast For Lying; Supports The Judge)

The latest accusers stepson has spoken out against her and said she is lying. Also, let’s not forget the woman that brought these women forward is none other than Gloria Allred, the same woman that accused trump of sexual assault allegations.

Trials in the media are scary! Anyone can accuse anyone of sexual misconduct. Our judicial system is based on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. All the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct got nowhere and even after the truth of his sexual indiscretions with Monica came to light, there were no real penalties levied on him. Why are Conservatives not afforded the same justice?

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