It’s CNN Jake Tapper’s Turn And Sebastian Gorka Is Still Undefeated Fake News Destroyer!

I love watching White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka simply roll over the CNN liberals day after day. It seems that someone in the WH opened the door for him to get out and stir the pot.

Gorka destroyed Alisyn Camerota earlier this week and he took apart Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night. CNN has now sent out Jake Tapper in this ultimate Game of Chess and the network keeps losing their tails.

Source: Mediaite

Over the past few days and especially in the wake of the Donald Trump Jr. bombshell rocking the White House, presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka has been perhaps the most visible administration face, getting into verbal spats with CNN and MSNBC hosts to the apparent delight of President Donald Trump.

This afternoon, a day after a very heated and confrontational interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Gorka returned to the network to tangle with anchor Jake Tapper on The Lead. And while it didn’t get nearly as volatile as his segment with Cooper, Gorka still tussled with the Lead host.

The most noteworthy portion of the interview centered on Trump’s continued resistance to fully pointing the finger at Russia when it comes to election meddling, despite what his intelligence agencies have already concluded. When pressed on the president’s recent comments that nobody really knows who interfered in the election, Gorka shot back at Tapper with his own set of questions:

“Jake, I’d ask you the question, do you wish us to have bad or deteriorating relations with the nuclear power that is the Russian Federation? In whose interest is that?”

Tapper came back with his own observation, stating that “we don’t dole out rewards to countries because they possess a nuclear weapon,” noting that America wouldn’t do that with “China and Pakistan.” We literally do that with both countries.

Someone tell Tapper we are so sick of hearing about Russia. There are bigger fish to fry and this is poor reporting. If they have nothing else to report, get better reporters and get rid of these losers.

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