It’s Called A BolaWrap But It’s A Spiderman Web Slinging Gun For Police!

Wait until you see this gun in action!

The only thing missing is a spandex suit and mask, everything else is there. Law enforcement officers might have another weapon on their persons to help fight crime locally with this BolaWrap (or as many has called it, Spiderman Gun.)

Did you see that rope leave the gun because I didn’t? If you saw the rope leave the gun, did you see it fly through the air and wrap around the target because I missed that too?  That laser on the leg was precise, and there was no mistaking what it was supposed to do, and it did it.

Source: Daily Wire

Officers from several suburban precincts gathered last week at the Buffalo Grove Police Department to test a new tool called the “BolaWrap.” Las Vegas-based Wrap Technologies showed off a hand-held device that shoots out an 8-foot Kevlar tether from as far to 25 feet — wrapping up a dangerous person without the use of lethal force.

“I think it’s just another tool in the toolbox for officers when they’re confronting perhaps a mentally ill person or a subject who wants to commit suicide. This might be a tool to help the officer control the subject,” Steve Casstevens, Buffalo Grove Police Chief, told Fox 32.

The station reports that the “BolaWrap” costs $800 dollars and each tether cartridge is $30 bucks. It’s just gone into production and is being used by a few law enforcement agencies in California.

“First impressions are good,” said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

There is a problem with this as many of you might have thought already. What happens if that gun is pointed at someone’s neck? Talk about immediate lynching. Hey, I am just telling you that rope moved so fast I even slowed it down to try to view it before it latched around the victim’s leg and I couldn’t see it.

Imagine if that wrapped around someone’s neck or face. You can cancel Christmas.

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