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It Worked! Armed Administrator Stops Student Shooter From Possible Massacre!

An obvious mass killing was averted when a school administrator pursued the student gunman and stopped him, firing back with a handgun, fatally injuring the shooter.

Socialist news organizations along with the Democratic Party has been pushing for gun control after the Parkland massacre on Valentine’s Day. Deputies from the local sheriff’s department never entered the school to engage the shooter while he was killing the students.

The Great Mills High School resource officer didn’t wait for law enforcement. He took action to stop further injuries of innocent school students. I hope he is praised for his actions and not turned into a villain.

Source: Baltimore Sun

Two students were injured and a third, the gunman, has died in a shooting in a hallway at Great Mills High School in Southern Maryland on Tuesday morning, according to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

A school resource officer fired at the student gunman, who fired back with a handgun, Sheriff Tim Cameron said. The school resource officer was not injured, Cameron said.

“He pursued the shooter and engaged the shooter,” Cameron said of the school resource officer, whose identity has not been released.

The two students who were injured — a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl — were being treated at local hospitals, officials said. Neither their identities, nor the shooter’s, were released Tuesday morning.

When are the media going to blame themselves? Every time a shooting happens, it gives it non-stop coverage. This only leads to copycats who see it as a way to notoriety and fame. These shooters were lacking in recognition and popularity. What a better way to gain it than commit a mass shooting. These shootings have increased as the media gives it more and more coverage. It’s time to ban the media’s coverage of these events.

Oh wait, the media will scream this is against their 1st Amendment rights. Yet, they are the first to be willing to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. There is a reason why these two Amendments are 1st and 2nd. Furthermore, when is anyone going to start talking about the loss of our morals and values in our country? When are they going to start talking about what happened when we took God out of our country? In the past, we had Bibles in our schools and children brought guns to school. We didn’t have this problem then.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why we exist. Donate $25 today and help us continue to fight!

These school shootings are a new occurrence starting in the last decades. It happened as we became an anything goes society – mostly led by Hollywood. People do whatever they want with no shame.

If there is another student walk-out, I hope the schools have signed permission slips from the kid’s parents. Whether the resource officer shot him or not, his armed presence stopped the situation. You socialists just don’t understand anything.

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