It Figures!! NAACP Opposes Congressional Bill to Ban Race-Based Abortions

“This is the civil rights struggle that will define our generation,” says Rep. Trent Franks.

Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2011 criminalizes abortion on the grounds of race or sex. Doctors could be imprisoned for not determining if the race or sex of the baby influenced the mother’s decision to abort. The object of the bill is to protect the rights of the minority and females against this bias. The catch is, if abortionists are innocent of such bias the Act will not affect their “business”; but if they are guilty of deliberately performing abortions on the minority, it will stop them from abusing the rights of the abortion victims. This bill ensures that the rights of minority and female babies are the same as those of white male babies.

Yet there are some civil rights’ groups who have a bone to pick with those who would defend these babies’ rights. Ironically, it is the minority and women’s rights groups especially who are fighting against the bill’s name and the bill itself. Opponents of the bill include the NAACP, the National Council of Jewish Women and 45 other U.S. civil rights groups. They say that the two great civil rights leaders have nothing to with discrimination in the womb.

A Zogby/USA Today poll shows that 86% of Americans agree that abortions based on race and sex are immoral.[4] Why, then, do the “defenders of the American people” oppose this bill, which will outlaw such abortions. Yet abortions which specifically target non-white babies or children of an undesired sex are especially intolerable. Although equal civil rights are available for both male and female, black and white, racism is still on the large and targeting the smallest, least-defended people – the unborn. How long will pro-choice civil rights’ groups close their eyes and ears to such abuse?

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Wayne Dupree

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