Israeli Soldier Pens Open Letter To Obama After U.N. Resolution – MUST READ!

Barack Obama is being accused of coordinating the UN resolution to handicap Israel which he has denied. Many Americans have voiced their displeasure with the administration for how they have treated Israel as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (remember when Obama left him in the White House?).

Well, an Israeli soldier decided he’s had enough and chose to voice his concerns about Obama’s actions in the United With Israel publication. The letter is pointed and direct. It’s strong and you can feel the passion directed from this soldier’s heart to the paper he wrote his thoughts.

From United With Israel:

Dear Mr. President:

You may deny our right to our homeland. You may try to rewrite our history. Just know that we are the most resilient people this world has ever seen.

Our lighting of the menorah is living proof of that fact. Proof of our strength and perseverance. Many have tried to destroy us, and they have ALL failed. This time will be no different. Not yourself, not the UN, not the terror that you have given legitimacy to. No one will defeat us.

Jews light the menorah to celebrate restoration of Jewish control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount – thousands of years ago. We were small and vastly outnumbered, but that did not stop us. We came together and we returned to our capital. Our home.

I have no doubt that the lights of our menorah will dispel all darkness. It will lighten the path to overcoming the endless Israel and Jew hatred. It will inspire us, and inspire our Jewish pride. It will strengthen the brave men and women of the Israel Defense Forces. It will bring us together once again, and we will return to our capital. Our home.

Happy Chanukah!
Leibel A. Mangel

Here are a few facebook responses:

Obama won’t respond to this soldier but how do you respond to him? Leave your comments below.

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