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Israeli Interior Minister Reponds — Seems Rashida Tlaib’s Hatred For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother

Let me catch you up on this developing story if you were up on current events.

Both Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were scheduled to visit Israel on Friday but Israeli officials canned that idea on Thursday night which sent Tlaib into a tailspin. Both representatives are supporters of boycotting Israel because they support Palestine.

Tlaib sent a letter to Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri asking to visit her grandmother, saying she would “respect any restrictions” and would “not promote boycotts against Israel” during her trip.

The request was granted on “humanitarian grounds,” but then Tlaib backed out of the trip, and accused the Israeli government of using her family as leverage against her.
So, how was your family used as leverage? You were granted permission. Simple.

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“From the Israeli interior minister: “I authorized this humanitarian trip, but it turns out that it was a provocation to embarrass Israel. Her hatred for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.”

Obviously, it wasn’t her grandmother that was of prime importance to her. What did she hope to accomplish there?

My question is, why are any state representative’s allowed to make official visits to any other country on behalf of the United States, not to mention on the taxpayer’s dime, when they only represent one state, not the entire country? Isn’t that what ambassadors are for?

Democrats on social media have been complaining that Israel bowed to Pres. Trump’s demands to turn away both representatives. Israel has NEVER just bowed to America’s wishes. Netanyahu has every right not to allow these women into Israel based on their 2017 law. But then, you all know everything is Trump’s fault. I read a conspiracy theory that he controls the weather.

The bottom line here is that Tlaib can’t even put her hate aside for a short time to honor the laws of another country. So that being the case, it shows she has no intention of honoring the laws of the United States and never has by her past statements and actions.


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