Report: ISIS Using Series of Elaborate Memes to Recruit Lone Wolves to Set ‘Forest Fires’ in United States (Photo)

Who didn’t see this one coming?

I know I did. I was wondering how long it would take ISIS or whatever other kook terror group on there to use forest fires against us.

And now they’ve done it.

A media outlet that claims affiliation with ISIS has been instructing lone wolves to set forest fires in the United States and Europe. Their goal is to cause mass ecological disasters, according to posts on an “ISIS” internet forum.

Side note: why does ISIS have an “internet forum”?

President Trump recently delivered a massive blow to ISIS when he ordered U.S. forces to kill al-Baghdadi, who he described as “dying like a dog, cowering and screaming.”

I’m sure the death of their dear leader added fuel to their fire (no pun intended).

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Sadly, in places like California, liberal policies have led to the forest bed looking more like a pile of kindling than anything else.

Governor Newsom has ordered “mandatory blackouts” as a way to help limit the fires…and as you can imagine that plan has failed miserably.

A number of propaganda posters have been posted on the pro-ISIS Quraysh media outlet that are urging members to “ignite fires” as part of their neverending jihad against America and our allies.

They have created a rather elaborate “series” of these types of memes in hopes of attracting the attention of lone wolves.

According to reports from the Middle East Media Research Institute, who tracks terror groups online, the first poster was published in April 2019, The text reads: “Oh monotheists [followers of ISIS], ignite fires in the forests and fields, and we are addressing especially those who live in Europe and America, for they are painful to them.”

The latest poster (number 4 in the “series”) was released on Monday is somewhat similar, it reads: “Ignite fires in the forests of America, France, Britain, and Germany, for they are painful to them.”

A sample of one of the posters is below:

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