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ISIS Defeated In Pivotal City Of Raqqa; Drone Footage Shows Devastation

This is the closest thing to an apocalypse you’ll ever see, and in reality, nobody should ever see something like this.

ISIS was formed under Barack Obama, and he did whatever he could to allow them space to do their evil and take over land regions while he was Commander-in-chief. No matter what the American people warned or said about ISIS, Obama was stuck on the fact he didn’t want his Muslim brothers to be seen in a bad light, so whatever evil they accomplished, the liberal savior blamed everyone else but them.

Raqqa was taken over by ISIS a few years ago, but now the city has been liberated, but at what cost. The remains are so devastating to view. A drone was dropped into Raqqa, and I am almost positive, whoever was in charge of the drone program didn’t expect to see it in this much damage.

Will anyone ever live in this city again? Will they erect it into something liveable or will it just become a reminder of what was there in the past?

Source: Circa

Drone footage that has been released on Friday reveals how a city in Syria was decimated by a months-long siege and years of civil war.

In the past few days, journalists were able to enter the city and capture the destruction in the city. Raqqa, which was once occupied by 200,000 people, is now left in ruins after years of fighting between Kurdish-led forces and ISIS.

The footage comes as President Trump declared the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa. The president said that the defeat of ISIS in the worn-torn city represented “a critical breakthrough.”

Have you ever? President Trump is doing the work Obama didn’t want to begin, and he’s allowing military sources outside the U.S. to do what they are supposed to do without interference from U.S. policy.

Obama was a crutch for the U.S., while Trump is a sound of justice. SHARE this on your Facebook/Twitter timeline and tell your friends about this city and how ISIS was defeated but at the cost of destroying an entire city.

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