ISIS Claims Bangladesh Terrorist Tragedy! How Will U.S. Media Spin This?

I’m sure it was some impoverished youth, protesting economic hardship due to global warming. Isn’t that all that ISIS is?

And somehow Obama will say once again it’s not Islamic terrorism. Hey Obama, the loving people of Islam, are at it again…but in your feeble ignorant America Hating mind, it’s the gun’s fault!

Obama would never want to offend his beloved Muslim brothers. Just look at how he sat on his hands while ISIS took over the Middle East and Iran built up their nuclear program. He has destroyed our foreign policy. He has ruined our country.

Stateside, Obama has crippled our economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. And our expenses keep rising. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $24/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize ANYTHING ELSE!

This is going to continue happening on a regular basis until the billions of people in the civilized world – in particular, the hundreds of millions who live in that region make the unwavering decision to crush this tens-of-thousands strong bed of cockroaches by the swiftest and most accurate means possible.

How many liberals are aware that ISIS has not committed one atrocious act that Mohammed did not personally carry out and command in the Quran and Ahadith.

Educate yourselves people – then you will understand the constant terror emanating throughout this evil and false religion’s 1400 year existence.

Even if we decimate ISIS, is merely putting a band-aid on cancer – another true Islamic group will emerge focused on honoring Mohammed’s commands and actions.

Educate yourselves people.

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Wayne Dupree

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