ISIS Attacks Iran Parliament; 12 Dead, Multiple Injured

ISIS attacked Iran for the first time ever according to the Daily Caller and I don’t give a damn.

Both of these terrorist factions can fight until the death and wouldn’t care. If they brought an end to each other’s existence, I wouldn’t shed a tear. America will not aid Iran in their fight against ISIS because they are both one in the same. They both hate us and they want to see the destruction of our nation.

Reports are that 12 individuals were killed and 42 were injured. Let them deal with it and turn our patriotic heads to other things happening in the world.

Source: Daily Caller

Islamic State terrorists attacked Iran for the first time Wednesday with two attacks in the country’s capital.

The simultaneous attacks targeted Iran’s parliament building and a shrine dedicated to the Islamic Republic’s first Supreme Leader, Ruhollah Khomeini. The ISIS attackers used AK-47 style assault rifles, handguns and suicide bomber vests in their attacks, according to Iranian state-run media. Twelve people were killed, while approximately 42 others were injured.

The attackers killed security guards at the parliament building and took hostages in the top floors of the building, an unusual move for ISIS terrorists. A siege lasted for several hours before Iranian security forces killed three of them. A fourth detonated his explosive vest.

“Terrorism is a problem  that we are facing in the Middle East region and the world,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif while on a trip to Turkey Wednesday. “The entire region has become insecure and we condemn the blind act.”

This is why you stay out of middle east politics. They turn on each other at the drop of a hat ( now there’s an old one for you).

Seems to me all that is happening is strategically involved to gain land & power. Who has a lot of money, power that gives ISIS money, guns, airplanes, computer capability? Follow the money!

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