Is This Sign by Texas Gun Store Owner Going Too Far?

Jeremy Alcede, CEO of Tactical Firearms near Houston, said that he often watches the news and considers an issue before deciding what needs to be fixed. If he considers it important enough, Alcede said he doesn’t hesitate to voice his opinion. The sign outside of Tactical Firearms, which changes every Wednesday, is a testament to that.

Opinions on the sign are split on whether the message is acceptable or not.

“I think as far as freedom of speech is concerned, it’s protected,” Marco Romero, an area resident, said. “But it’s in pretty poor taste.”

Alcede noted that families offended by the sign should use the message as a lesson to their children. He argued that instead of hiding the news, parents should discuss the consequences of reality.

Alcede is no stranger to controversy – in the past, his marquee sign has criticized politicians and their oath to office. Another message compared guns to Obamacare, which he quipped were cheaper and had better coverage.

Although Alcede has no plans on giving up his First Amendment rights, a lawsuit could soon end his public display of them. According to one report, Alcede’s business partner is currently suing him for allegedly using profits for personal trips and purchases. If Alcede loses the suit he could face a potential foreclosure.


Wayne Dupree

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