Is It Time For James Comey To Be Relieved Of His Duties?

How many of you watched today’s investigation and got upset with what they could talk about and what they couldn’t?

FBI Director James Comey confirmed today that there is an open investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any possible links to the Trump campaign. Comey also said he has “no information” to support President Trump’s claims that then-President Obama ordered surveillance of Trump Tower during the election while he also said there is no information that Russia tampered with our elections.

I watched the hearing….3 questions I have.

  1. Why is the FBI and Justice Department who allegedly had part in this wiretapping of Trump investigating themselves? (Since when would they admit to it if they knew about it, they would have committed a crime, so of. Course they are going to say they know nothing). We need an independent investigation.
  2. During this hearing, it was stated several times that the Russians have been trying to influence US elections for decades so why now, just because this time they produced evidence that the Democrats were up to no good?
  3. They clearly stated the documents leaked were unaltered, so the information leaked was real. So why is that stuff not being looked into?

There is evidence of Homeland Security hacking the election and no evidence of Russian hackers. They continue to hang onto the false report while ignoring the actual hackers!

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Wayne Dupree

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