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Is CBS’ Gayle King Worth $10M A Year? Network Finding It Hard To Double Her Contract

I don’t know Gayle King well.

I don’t watch CBS, I don’t follow them and I don’t support them. I did see her sitting across from R. Kelly for that interview but that’s about it. She’s making $5.5 million a year in her current position but over the weekend, reports surfaced that CBS might not be able to keep Oprah Winfrey’s friend.

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Reports are that Gayle King’s team wants to double her current salary. Forgive me, but isn’t that anchor money? Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never seen a contract so large for someone that is not a mainstay or shall I saw, in everyone’s home on a daily basis. I understand she is on a morning show but most Americans are at work by that time and aren’t watching, I think.

I shudder to think that any anchor makes that amount of money.

It’s been suggested that Susan Zirinsky, the new CBS News president, has been given an extra pot of cash to spend on talent.

But, our source added: “There’s not that much!

Another CBS News source said: “The big priority is keeping Gayle. The only thing that would really hurt CBS News at the moment is losing her.”

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So much so, we’re told, that bigwigs are set to keep Jeff Glor on the network’s “Evening News” broadcast — even though King’s ­co-host Norah O’Donnell has been rumored to be taking the anchor role with the newscast potentially moving to Washington, DC.

The source said: “The morning show is the big priority.”

We asked King about her contract negotiations last week during Variety’s Power of Women luncheon, but she remained tight-lipped. “I never ever discuss contracts in the media,” she told us. “I think the best place to discuss a contract is with CBS.” [Page Six]

Why does anyone need a reporter to earn 10 million for hosting and reading the news? There are so many out there why should you have to pay anyone that much money? Why does it take six people to do a morning show? Will that type of contract disrupt the flow of the show?

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I talked to one of my friends who told me “They could go and get someone else for two million and get the same ratings. She injects her opinion on issues to much for me.”

Didn’t she vote for Barack Obama? Didn’t he wince at those who made salaries like this?

Hey CBS, if you can’t afford Gayle at 10 million a year, I am sure you have some hungry progressives fresh out of college that can “read” a teleprompter.

Am I right?


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