Iran: You Impose Sanctions On Us, We Will Quit Obama 2015 Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is threatening to drop out of a 2015 nuclear deal with Barack Obama and the US if they receive sanctions from Trump administration.

According to Obama, the 2015 deal succeeded in completely cutting off all four pathways to producing a bomb, ensuring that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon. But if you listen to Rouhani’s speech, he threatens to have their program back online in days rather than years if they are slapped with more sanctions.

The only way for this to happen is they’ve been continuing work developing nuclear weapons which are a violation of the deal. Rouhani said they had not violated anything, but his rhetoric speaks differently.

Call this posturing on the world stage.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Rouhani’s warning, made in a televised address to parliament, said that Iran could abandon the deal within hours if the United States continues to impose sanctions.

Iran’s parliament voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to raise spending on its military and missile program. The vote was Iran’s response to legislation passed by US Congress and signed by President Donald Trump earlier this month to impose new sanctions on the nation due to its missile program.

Iran denies that its current missile program violates the 2015 nuclear agreement.

In the address to parliament, Rouhani criticized US President Donald Trump, saying that he was “not a good partner.”

“The failed experience of sanctions and coercion brought their previous administrations to the negotiating table,” Rouhani said in the speech.

If they want to go back to that experience, definitely in a short time – not weeks or months, but in the scale of hours and days – we will return to our previous situation very much more stronger,” he said.

If you stopped in 2015, but you can bring your program back online in a manner or “hours and days,” and claim to be “very much more stronger,” a smart thinking man would then ascertain Iran has not been keeping up with the deal and has been lying to the world.

Obama was so arrogant to think he could stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons; he helped them before he left office giving them $1.7 billion dollars that he flew over to that country in the dark of night. Call it pay off, call it hush money, or call it treason. Whatever you choose, remember, the result dof any action by Iran is on Obama’s head.

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