Iowa Farmer Educates Elizabeth Warren How Green New Deal Will Hurt Farming Industry

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates are in Iowa this week trying to drum up interest and contributions in their campaigns.

As a candidate, if you are trying to make a viral video showing you are a man or woman of the people, know your audience.

Warren is a Green New Deal advocate but got an education she will never forget from an Iowa farmer who explained that he takes issue with the plan’s intent to eliminate cows, to which Warren replied with a hesitant, “Eh.”

Farmer: “I don’t agree with that because well-managed grassland where you rotationally graze – you know all these paddocks like that system there has about eight different paddocks – you’re actually going to use more CO2 and sequester more carbon because of the regrowth all the time, and yet you know that’s a permanent pasture.”

He added: “My point is we have become so ignorant of the basic principles of biology in food production that we have said – we answer them all through technology instead of letting mother earth and having respect”

Watch the video above, via GOP


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