Inmates Film, Edit and Release This Jailbreak Video Using Cell Phone!

Footage filmed by escaped inmates shows how they used a bunk bed leg to break out of a maximum security prison in the US state of California.

Three inmates who broke out of the Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana last year by cutting through steel bars and rappelling from the rooftop of the maximum-security facility filmed their own daring escape, newly released video shows.

This doesn’t make sense. The cell phones were brought into the facility by someone who approved it. I am sure this is an internal problem. The guards supplied everything they needed to do this. Money goes a long way to some that are greedy! I’m sure they were paid very well!

Source: Fox News

The crisply edited video has a pop-music soundtrack and includes TV news clips about the escape and subsequent manhunt. It also contains voice-overs by Nayeri, recorded after their capture, giving his version of events, praising the cab driver the trio kidnapped and railing against the legal system.


Inmates in the cramped dorm seem to know Nayeri is recording, but do not react, except for fellow escapee Bac Duong, who flashes a grin.

The video does not show how the inmates got to the ground. Previous reports said they rappelled down using bed linens. On the video, Nayeri says they had industrial rope, a toolbox, a duffel bag and new clothes.

The next clips show the men taking turns posing at the corner of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. There are scenes from inside a van where they were sleeping.

“This is our casa for the moment. This is our crib. Water, all the basics,” Nayeri says. “Friday night in San Francisco, a special Friday night in San Francisco.”

A marijuana pipe is flashed. They hold up a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The men led authorities on a weeklong manhunt before they were recaptured.

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