Ingraham vs Gorka over Syria Friday night missile attack

I’m glad that somebody was able to create a video of both Laura Ingraham and Sebastian Gorka’s tense exchange on Friday night.

I watched Ingraham ask Gorka a few questions that he never answered, which to my surprise I thought was weird. I even caught up my radio show host and asked him about Gorka because he is an avid supporter and he was surprised also. I don’t get to watch Gorka on TV a lot but what I saw last night is someone who was asked direct questions but never gave a proper response.

Gorka would praise Trump with the accolades and dare you to challenge it, but he didn’t want to question the notion how the rebels could have been responsible for an alleged chemical attack narrative that kept the U.S. in the region after President Trump said he wanted to pull our forces out real soon.

Source: Mediaite

Ingraham pressed Gorka on why the United States, along with France and Britain, was leading the charge against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria after the chemical attack in Douma.

“Where the heck is the world community?” she asked.

“It doesn’t exist,” Gorka declared. “Without American leadership there is no action.”

“We’re out of money,” Ingraham shot back. “It’s not 1995 anymore Sebastian.”

“So we let children get gassed?” Gorka charged.

“I’m not saying that,” Ingraham contended, as the two went back and forth over whether the U.S. should intervene in the Middle East.

At one point, Jim Hanson, president of the Security Studies Group, argued that Gulf nations like Saudi Arabia “don’t have the capability to do this.”

“They don’t have the capability?!” Ingraham exclaimed, with a laugh. “They have big money, what are we talking about!?”

Gorka, mic still on, could be heard off screen muttering, “Oh god” to himself.

Gorka spoke about national security which I thought was odd because nobody is hurting Americans or threatening this country.

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I don’t know how this is all going to turn out, but I do know this. The Warhawks in Washington DC. got their attack and some still don’t think it was enough according to the reports. Last year, the strike was supposed to have sent a message when Trump hit an airfield. Gorka and the rest were saying this was to let the international community and know America was back and Trump means what he says. Well, Gorka said the same thing last night during the show, so which is it.

I didn’t vote for this, and I don’t have to preface my comment with I support Trump to make people feel better or support me. I don’t agree with this strike because I feel the rebels played this country over the same videos of a couple of people getting hosed with water but everyone behind them just standing around watching. Too weird.

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