Ingraham Takes On Krauthammer Over Trump’s Speech

Conservative Radio Host Laura Ingraham called out Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday evening over his attack on Donald Trump’s afternoon speech and this was epic and warranted.

Krauthammer doesn’t approve of Trump and we all understand that. There’s nothing about the Fox News contributor that smells like cohabitation with the Commander-in-chief, not matter what good comes from the White House. That is the response from all anti-Trumpers, never-Trumpers as I gather.

Ingraham said something very pointed here in this video clip below. She said that Trump tried to protect his supporters by calling out the other side and what she is talking about is beyond the Neo Nazis, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, all of which were there protesting and fighting.

Krauthammer has openly said he thinks Trump is unfit for office but then says he won fair and square and needs to be supported, I guess he forgot that part in the video.

Ingraham did a great job in this exchange:

Our President will never come up to Krauthammer’s liberal standards! He pretends to get into Trump’s mind when he does not know our President very well!

Charles has gone on long enough unchallenged and should not have insulted you with “cop out”. Bravo on the Ph.D. barb. He can be a pompous pontificator.

What I took from Trump throughout these events is an attitude that he has no more patience with the “Trump’s a racist” narrative. He doesn’t feel the need to constantly single out the neo Nazis because it’s obvious they are scum and he’s stated that for many years. He is just stating the truth that both sides were there for a fight and that not all the people there were there as Nazis or in search of violence.

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Barack Obama trod very carefully with Black Lives Matter making sure he separated those out for violence with the peaceful protesters. If we are to have free speech in our free society, unfortunately, we must put up with those who we disagree and even despise. Westboro Baptist Church comes to mind.


It is easy to criticize and judge what someone else does when you are not the one in a glass ball being critiqued for EVERYTHING you do and say. You are both wrong. Nothing Trump ever says or does will be enough for Democrats and obviously a lot of Republicans. The average American is sick and tired of all the bluster. If the leaders don’t learn to work together they won’t continue to be leaders. Both parties need to shut up, support our president, do their job and remember that they work for the American voter and our interests.

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