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Fox News’ Laura Ingraham SLAMS Trump China Tweets

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted out seemingly good news from the President of China but Fox News’ Laura Ingraham had other things to say.

Laura Ingraham wasn’t happy with Trump tweeting out the good news about President Xi’s decision to go after those filtering Fentanyl into the United States, even though others have claimed it was.

With all honesty, it just sounds like Laura wants attention. When it comes to dealing with foreign leaders, foreign policy in general, national defense, and defense forward strategy, he’s the best president we’ve had since Eisenhower. He just edges out Reagan, because of his ability to multitask China, Russia, the Middle East, and Korea.

You don’t even have to like him or his “dealmaker” persona to see that.

Trump sent these tweets that angered Laura:

Laura then turned around and responded with snark:

Why should Trump listen to Ingraham? Isn’t she the one who wants Trump to pick Chris Christie as Attorney General. Isn’t she the one who apologized and begged shakedown artist David Hogg to keep her job over nothing. If it comes to kissing someone’s butt, I’d prefer President Xi to Hogg.

The head games Trump plays with leaders who are used to decades of complacency from American leaders is great fun to watch and it forces these tyrants to come to the table and accept our conditions or nothing, and for China, nothing would collapse their country. After all, they have not yet had the opportunity to buy up most of the country yet.

Had Hillary become POTUS, we would all be speaking Chinese performing hard labor under a Chinese regime while that she is sunning herself in Costa Rica will her ill-gotten billions. Trump pissed off a LOT of selfish, money-hungry evil when he won. Keep it coming!

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