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Ingraham Shocked As NFL Player Guest Agrees Black Sports Players Should Look At HBCUs First

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham could have been tased by the building’s security detail and not felt it after listening to former NFL tight end Ben Watson, favored black athletes choosing not to attend white-majority colleges.

The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill wrote an interesting article last week on that very subject. College football is a huge business, and the major universities across the nation are benefitting from it every year. However, historically, black colleges have not.

With the allure of attending a major named university, these players see the top of the line practice facilities, out of the world weight rooms, and up to 100,000 seat stadiums. Who wouldn’t want to play on that level?

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Ingraham thought Watson would shred Hill’s article, which is probably why she had him on, but he did the very opposite. She asked Watson to weigh in on Hill’s idea that African-American athletes should boycott mainstream, white-majority colleges to help address the massive racial wealth gap in the country.

Ingraham: “What’s your reaction to this?”

Watson: “When I saw the uproar over it, I read the article, I agreed with her. She had some great points in that article there. When you look at the history of black colleges in the hundreds of thousands of people that have come to the schools over the course of the last several years since they’ve been created and you look at what’s been lost since integration has happened.”

“The average white family has an income net worth that’s 10 times that of a black family. What she was saying was simply, if we are trying to pump money and revenue into some of these communities that there is still this big disparity, this may be a way to do it. Obviously that’s in a vacuum, there are other factors that figure into it, that but when you read her argument, she lays it out very cleanly and it’s actually something that I agree with.”

Earlier in the interview, Watson defended New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees video recorded for the ‘bring-your-Bible-to-school day’ movement.

You could see how Ingraham was taken aback by Watson’s decision to agree with Hill as she said: “Alright, Benjamin. Well I think Duke would have not been thrilled about you are not being there, but we will leave it at that,” she said. “College sports would certainly be a lot different today if — if we went on a color-coded way during college admissions. That’s re-segregating the country. Why do we want that?”

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Watson corrected Ingraham’s association of the two when he said: “Segregation, as you know, is government-mandated. This is not segregation. If you read the article…” Watson began, but before he was finished, Ingraham cut him off and ended the segment: “I read the article. I read the article. All right, we have to go.”

Jemele is correct on one point. The black community is the only entity that can hope to fix their issues. The answers will never come from DC, the Democrat overlords (not from Republicans either).

Watch the video above, via Fox News

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