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[VIDEO] Hoards of People Line the Streets of India Singing, Dancing, and Cheering President Trump’s Motorcade

Hoards of people lined the streets of India, cheering and waving at President Trump’s motorcade.

President Trump’s loyal ally and social media guru Dan Scavino shared footage of the crowds as the motorcade rolled by.

Not only were they cheering and waving, but it was an actual “party” on the side of the road with stages set up, music, singers and dancers!

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It was stunning to see. Also very heartwarming. President Trump deserves that type of fanfare. He’s earned it…and he loves it!

President Trump is a showman, so he loves a big crowd – and he knows how to entertain those big crowds – that’s why his rallies are so popular.

You can watch the video below:

I wish liberals in this country could muster up enough respect and appreciation to treat their president – who works hard for them – as good as these lovely people treated him.

However, thanks to the power-crazed Dems, desperate Deep State, and propaganda media a huge portion of Americans are brainwashed and mislead into believing that they’re being “ruled over” by a “Nazi tyrant.”

What a shame for those miserable and misguided sheep. All we can do is pray for them – that they start seeing the truth, not the twisted and painfully obvious lies from the left.


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