Independent Research Poll Finds Whites Flocking To Kanye West, Losing Non-white Support

As a black man who considers himself a conservative thinker, I’ve been watching both sides of the aisle, and this news is not new to me.

I watch social media along with listening to urban radio stations and I’ve even trolled urban gossip websites, and I know for a fact that the message that many white conservatives who enjoyed Kanye West loving Donald Trump is not trickling down to the black community.

An Independent Pennsylvania research firm SSRS surveyed 1,015 people over the course of three days last week, and it was discovered that only 23 percent of them stated an outright liking for rap’s renaissance man.

That is less than half of the 53 percent polled who definitively posed that they do not like him. Now, regarding race, 24 percent of those who polled positively for Ye were white Americans, while 20 percent were a mix of others.

Source: Complex

According to the poll, 24 percent of self-identified white Americans said they had a favorable opinion of Kanye, while 20 of those identifying as non-white could say the same. Overall, Kanye’s favorability rating is negative—with 53 percent comprising the unfavorable margin and a mere 23 percent in the favorable section.

It seems like his recent statements have altered his reception by people. If these results are accurate and convey sentiments on a broad scale, Kanye could be in trouble. Of course, any tweet or publicity stunt could flip those dials back in his favor—depending on how genuine, or be exciting the moment would be.

As for the poll, it was conducted through the phone by an independent research company called SSRS—a survey and market research firm—for three days in early May. 1,015 people were polled, with 29 percent describing themselves as Democrats, 24 percent as Republicans, and 47 percent as independents. The poll contained questions such as, “How much have you heard about recent comments Kanye West has made about politics and slavery,” and “do you think West made these comments more because he (really believes what he is saying) or more because he (is seeking publicity)?”

After a few weeks since Kanye proclaimed his love for Trump he had not spoken about it anymore nor has he expanded on his political views, but Fox and Friends along with Fox News had kept up the rhetoric as if Kanye was the new voice of the conservative movement.

I’ve also noticed Trump followers, mostly white, have chosen to pick and choose Kanye’s words and form them into a rallying cry for black voters to stop voting Democrat, which has been their wish for years but many of are afraid to address the black community for fear of being challenged as racists.

What’s missing here is messaging. If your goal is to bring Democratic voters to your side using this template, this is not the way to do it. You have to have a plan in place; you have to have the blueprints to go into the urban community or go to any minority community and say this is what we want to help with.

You have to be willing to stay there and help work on things to at least get projects and programs moving in the right direction. This conversation has been around for years and hasn’t done any good. Democrat voters who seek change want to see proof that things work and they also want to know that you do care.

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