Impatient Boy Beats Up Mom In Doctor’s Office

I know some of you who will watch this video below will be steadfast in your belief that correction shouldn’t be used, but there needs to be some defense for this mother.

I believe this is a result of a parent not correcting their child and pushing the “we’re friends” mentality. There’s no way this would have ever happened in my household, now or when I was this boy’s age.

A lot of onlookers today feel if a parent takes charge and corrects their child, especially in front of people, it’s doing irreparable harm to his psyche and he will grow up angry at the world.

Sorry folks, your off the map with that thinking. I would never think of hitting my mom and another thing, especially in public. My mother showed me from an early age I was to respect her in public and in private because she was Mom. I got my share of correction because I had a hard time listening and obeying, but when I got to a certain age, it clicked.

No parent should never tolerate this or should justify it. I firmly believe no police or social worker can handle this young man. All they can do is threaten and talk to this kid but they have no authority over this young man, so it’s going in one ear and out the other. This is a parent’s job, and they have to step up to the plate and become “that parent.”

Do you think a “time out” would have settled this kid? How would you have handled this public outburst? Share your comments below and add this article to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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Wayne Dupree

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