Illegal Alien Cop Killer Laughs In Court, Says He Will Do Again When He Breaks Out

Luis Bracamontes shot and killed two Sacramento-area deputies in October 2014, but this courtroom outburst should remind you Democrats support defending him.

This disgusts me and makes me angry to my core. Bracamontes was deported twice, and one day in 2014, he killed Sacramento sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. while they were on-duty.

“I don’t f***ing regret that s***. Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf***ers. … I will break out soon, and I will kill more.”

But I thought that all the illegal immigrants were simply hard-working people who wanted to come here for a better life. I also thought it was my fault for not having an easy way for them to get into my country. It almost seems like what I’ve been told is wrong. Hard to imagine, more grieving families due to bleeding-heart socialists not wanting to secure our borders.

Source: SacBee

The statement came during an extraordinary opening day during which the proceedings devolved into a spectacle of the defendant threatening to kill more people, giggling as a prosecutor described his crime spree and his own lawyers once again questioning his sanity.

“I wish I had killed more of the mother——-,” he boasted to the jury as prosecutor Rod Norgaard described the outbreak of violence.

Smiling broadly, Bracamontes added, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me … There’s no need for a f—— trial.”

That outburst led to Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White briefly removing the jury, then warning Bracamontes.

“You will not disrupt this trial, you will not speak out,” White told him. “If you do, you will be removed from the courtroom.”

Check this. He admits to the killings and even says he should have killed more what are we doing?  We are wasting taxpayers money on a jury trial! Really? This is insane! He has no constitutional rights.

Did you hear Bracamontes lawyer? They are already blaming this on mental health issues and gun control! Guess what? Had he not been in the USA this would not have happened in this country.

California is now a sanctuary state where men like this animal can roam freely without fear of deportation. This seems to be a pattern in California, don’t you agree? You can commit murder and get away with it. Hell, you can laugh and joke about it in open court. This is on all state legislators and Governor Jerry Brown who turn their heads when things like this rear their ugly heads.

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This coward has no respect for human life laughing in our courts. He’s already said he wants to get the death penalty. So then, give him a speedy trial and get it over with. Do not let him rot in prison for the rest of his life. He’s mocking our legal system and wants others to see it so they won’t fear discipline.

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