Illegal Immigrant Jose Vargas Gets Choked Up Telling Everyone His Grandfather BOUGHT SS Card

Jose Vargas is an illegal alien who call himself an undocumented immigrant, and he flaunts it everytime he gains TV coverage.

Our government created this problem by allowing illegals to come here and not enforcing the laws. Now we have millions of them and deporting them all would be a costly and monumental task. Both parties are to blame for this situation. President Donald Trump is just trying to fix what has become a crisis issue, by following the laws.

What I couldn’t believe in the video below was that Vargas said illegals contribute billions to our country, even though he an illegal immigrant and his grandfather illegally bought him a social security card. Both should be deported from this country, taken back to their country of origin.

This guy just admitted to gaining illegal possession of a federal document. A felony crime on national television, and implicated his grandfather in the process! Why wasn’t this undocumented immigrant arrested right there at the Fox News studio? In case you forgot, being undocumented in this country means you are here ILLEGALLY and are BREAKING THE LAW.

There is no “gray area.” It is black and white. You’re either here legally or illegally. Buying a social security card sounds like a federal crime to me. It’s past time to build the wall, secure our borders, and ship out all of those here illegally taking advantage of America.

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Wayne Dupree

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