Illegal Aliens Who Fled To Canada Just Found Grass Is Not Greener!

Back in January, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed illegal aliens and refugees into Canada to be seen as a savior, safe harbor but it’s backfiring on him fast.

Trudeau’s tweet was plain and simple and idiotic. You can see he received over 400K retweets as none of those who shared his message offered their homes for illegal aliens. There is something not right when you prop up someone else for what you feel is right but you won’t do it yourself.

Trudeau didn’t count on the masses hearing the word and traveling up there to see asylum. The problem is, there is a backlog waiting to clear, and until you are cleared, you can’t receive bank loans, rent housing, or update education credentials. These people are all in limbo because Trudeau wanted to be the big man on stage.

Source: Daily Mail

Thousands of people who fled to Canada to escape President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal migrants have become trapped in legal limbo because of an overburdened refugee system, struggling to find work, permanent housing or enrol their children in schools.

Refugee claims are taking longer to be completed than at any time in the past five years, according to previously unpublished Immigration and Refugee Board data provided to Reuters.

Those wait times are set to grow longer after the IRB in April allocated ‘up to half’ of its 127 tribunal members to focus on old cases.

The number of delayed hearings more than doubled from 2015 to 2016 and is on track to increase again this year.

Hearings are crucial to establishing a claimant´s legal status in Canada. Without that status, they struggle to convince employers to hire them or landlords to rent to them.

Claimants cannot access loans or student financial aid, or update academic or professional credentials to meet Canadian standards.

Canada’s refugee system was struggling to process thousands of applications even before 3,500 asylum seekers began crossing the U.S. border on foot in January.

It looks like these illegals are learning the hard way never to take a leftist’s promise at face value. Not that I have any sympathy for them. The vast majority of them were certainly not grateful for this country when the Democrats got everyone in this country to look the other way while they came here with free crap.

And this is why the Electoral College is a better idea. Trudeau won because all the liberal population centers voted for him. Rural Canadians hate him.

Do you care what happens in Canada after reading this? Does this move your heart? Share your conversations below in the comment section.

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