Illegal Alien Supporter Jorge Ramos Brought “Immigration Facts” To Tucker’s Show; Bad Idea!

We’ve seen Jorge Ramos on television misrepresent illegal aliens as citizens who pay billions into USA economy, but this time he met Tucker Carlson.

In typical liberal fashion, Univision’s Jorge Ramos failed to stick with the facts when he joined Fox News’, Tucker Carlson. He never once said “ILLEGAL” immigrants, which is the purpose of the wall, but continues to deflect and make up his delusional version of the truth, following the lib handbook to a T and smart Americans are not listening to ignorant lib rhetoric any longer, enough is enough!

If Jorge cared about his people, he would take his money and influence to Mexico and help the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to give up his power and lifestyle here in the states.

Many of you might join me in saying Ramos is a hypocrite! He comes to American and gets rich, and then stands in the pulpit and preaches about everything that America is doing wrong on Mexico, the Latino population, and illegal immigration. He SHOULD be using his success as a platform to demonstrate to Mexicans and other Latinos how to come to this country LEGALLY and to earn a successful career – not talking down to the United States.

Of course this “big, bad USA” rhetoric allows him to continue to receive his salary at Univision. Like I said – hypocrite

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Wayne Dupree

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