NFL Colts Player Killed By Drunken Illegal Alien On Night Of SuperBowl

Edwin Jackson, Indianapolis Colts football player, wasn’t just killed by a drunk driver, he was killed by a drunk driver who is an illegal and no license?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is going to chew her dentures over this one.

I am tired of hearing Anti-America socialists trying to tell us we’re trying to make illegal immigration seem so bad when all we’re doing is calling out these tragedies and telling the nation what’s going on. When are they going to start speaking up for our veterans and our citizens in the same way they speak up for illegal aliens.

The Indiana State Police concluded Guatemalan citizen Manuel Orrego-Savala was living in the country illegally and had been previously deported twice before he killed NFL player Edwin Jackson on the night of the Superbowl. Oh yeah, Orrego-Savala was also drunk at the time of the accident. What’s the answer Democrats? How do you stop this? You have no answers, and you know it.

Source: Fox News

The suspected drunk driver who killed Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson in a crash on the morning of the Super Bowl is a Guatemalan citizen who is in the U.S. illegally and has been deported twice, police revealed Monday.

Indiana State Police identified the driver of an F-150 truck in the incident as Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, who had been deported in 2007 and 2009.

“State police investigators are working with U.S. Federal Immigration Officials and they have placed a hold on Orrego-Savala,” police said in a statement.

Jackson, 26, and Jeffrey Monroe, 54, also in his vehicle, were hit and killed around 4 a.m. on Sunday on Interstate 70 in Indiana.

Still, the Democrats will show disdain toward the American citizens after this, and so many other stories surface with illegal immigrants destroying the lives of talented and hardworking men and women. When does it stop?

This is a new found resolve to build the border wall and enforce the laws on the books. If you are here illegally, you are breaking the law!

Here is the thing about immigration Democrats don’t understand. Immigrants are like any other people good or bad. However, an illegal immigrant is an individual that has chosen to willfully ignore our nation’s immigration laws and still enter the country. It bypasses the system and sends a very wrong message to all the legal immigrants who have pay taxes, pay visa fees and go through the proper checks to enter the country.

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Thankfully it didn’t happen in California. Otherwise, Jacksons family would be held liable and he would be the one considered at fault for stopping in the emergency lane on the freeway blocking the illegals traveling anywhere he wants unabated ability.

Mark my words, the Democrats will do everything they can to preserve the drunk driver/illegal immigrant’s constitutionally unmentioned voting rights.

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