Illegal Alien Gets Measly 6-Year Sentence For Possessing Enough Fentanyl to Kill Half a Million Americans

If you were caught with a weapon that could kill half a million Americans, you should probably receive more prison time than a cruddy 6 year sentence, right?

Well, you’d think so, anyway…

However, that’s not the case for illegal alien Pablo Vega-Ontanon, who was busted with a whopping nine kilograms of heroin and one kilogram of fentanyl.

That’s enough dope to kill 500,000 Americans – nearly the entire population of Wyoming.

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It appears the 53-year-old illegal alien planned to distribute the killer drugs starting off in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Thankfully, he was busted. But how many aren’t caught?

An illegal alien has been sentenced to a little more than six years in prison for planning to distribute enough fentanyl to kill half a million Americans, federal officials confirm. Pablo Vega-Ontanon, a 53-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Sul Ozerden to 74 months in federal prison and five years of supervised release for possessing enough fentanyl to kill 500,000 Americans with an intent to distribute the drugs.

Vega-Ontanon, who had been living in Georgia, traveled to Gulfport, Mississippi on November 6, 2018, with Eder Ortega-Casarrubias and Eric Estudillo-Carrazco to sell heroin they said was hidden in a compartment of their vehicle to a confidential informant.

After federal officials arrested the illegal alien and his two accomplices, investigators discovered that the trio had possession of nine kilograms of heroin and one kilogram of fentanyl — enough drugs to kill 500,000 Americans, nearly the entire population of Wyoming.

In June, Ortega-Cassarubias was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison followed by five years of supervised release, while Estudillo-Carrazco pleaded guilty last month and faces a maximum life sentence and a $10 million fine.

Every year, nearly 70,000 to 76,000 Americans die from drug overdoses. A report released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed this year that young white American men are the most vulnerable to the national opioid crisis, dying at a higher rate than any other demographic group. [Breitbart]

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The Opioid crisis in America is at an epidemic level. Yet, even so, Democrats want to keep our borders wide open, so drug traffickers can easily pour across with bags of killer dope to distribute throughout our cities and towns.

Watch this video from BBC on the drug crisis:

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