Rep. Ilhan Omar Targets Stephen Miller As A “White” Nationalist

She’s at it again!

On Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar chose to call out one of President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisers on Twitter.

“Stephen Miller is a white nationalist. The fact that he still has influence on policy and political appointments is an outrage.” Omar then linked her statement to a SplinterNews article entitled Of Course It’s Stephen Miller.

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This tweet comes days after a death threat to Omar from a New York man who was arrested and charged.

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Omar decided to respond to an article that seemingly placed Miller behind President Trump‘s decision to drop ICE Director nominee Ronald Vitiello, and go more toward a tougher direction with the border crisis. Miller had allegedly complained to Trump that Vitiello does not support shutting down the U.S.-Mexico border to curb immigration, per the Washington Post.

Democrat leaders will say she doesn’t understand what she’s saying but, She knows exactly what she’s saying, and it’s sanctioned and approved by the DNC! Their end-game is to add an official imprimatur to Omar’s insane, anti-semitic ravings. To the Lo-Fo voter, all they will remember is that somebody in Congress called Miller a white nationalist and no Democratic leader said anything about it, so it must be true.

What exactly is a white nationalist anyway? How come the Democrats can get away with associating white supremacy with white nationalism. I love my country first, does that make me an evil black nationalist?

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Why aren’t Asian and Latino nationalists verbally attacked for racism too? Doesn’t it seem as if Democrats don’t like white men and feel minorities can love them more if they attack white men? It’s been like that for some time now.

Democrats create the narrative, and the rest of the nation follows like sheep. Republicans play their role with walking away from the fight instead of defending their love of country and blasting the association.

That’s why it continues to be a stigma on those two words “white nationalism.”





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