Ilhan Omar — POTUS Saying He’ll Take Dirt From Foreigners Is “One Of The Most Un-American” Things You Could Say

It is not surprising that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar would be accusing President Trump of being rattled by his comments. Even if true (which it is not), we do have to take into account that she is an expert on the subject since her 434 fellow members of Congress get flustered by her comments every time she opens her mouth!

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said late Saturday that President Trump’s suggestion that he might accept damaging information on a political opponent from a foreign power was “one of the most un-American” things a person could say.

The first-year lawmaker made the comments during an interview on CNN’s “The Van Jones Show.” She said that Trump’s recent comments about political dirt are another example of how seriously Democrats must take him.

“He’s so bold in the most lawlessness thoughts that go through his head,” Omar, who has called for Trump’s impeachment, said. “I think for so long, we’ve just said, that’s kind of what Trump does. It’s time to take him serious and it’s time for us to make this a constitutional matter and protect our nation.” [The Hill]

Omar married her brother and cheated on her taxes. Even Trump didn’t marry a sibling, so maybe this isn’t the best person to represent your side, leftists, and as much as I despise her, this has nothing to do with sexual perversion or incest. She fraudulently getting her brother into the U.S. so he can take from the American people to illegally receive benefits. This is blatant fraud against the Internal Revenue Service to illegally gain preferable tax treatment.

This is a leftist grifter lying and committing fraud against the American people for her own, and brothers gain but she has the time and audacity to call out Pres. Trump? The prosecution of Omar’s crimes should be a slam dunk case. The evidence is right in front of our face, yet it seems if the leftist media doesn’t report it somehow, it didn’t happen. Both of the blatant frauds carry significant penalties, including jail time. Both of these crimes would make her ineligible to hold the office she holds. The good people of Minnesota need to recall this scum bag anti-American immediately and put someone in office that will represent them instead of the radicals.

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