Are We Really Wrong To Say Americans Will Never Forget Who Attacked Us On 9/11?

So it is ok for the Democrats to take President Trump’s words out of context but say it’s not ok for him to quote Rep. Ilhan Omar.

That’s what we have learned about this ongoing battle the Democrats and opposition media want to stoke with President Trump. First of all Trump supporters aren’t the violent ones, and if anything does happen, well in the words of Omar, some people may have done some things.

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Trump, unfortunately, is just saying what everyone is thinking. These young congresswomen are causing issues on purpose, taking away from jobs they could be doing to help the districts that elected them.

Their words have consequences, and people get mad at what they are saying. Not to say that Trump is helping things but until they realize how hurtful their comments are to people they will keep inciting this kind of reaction. They need to step back and remember they are in Congress to represent their district and get things done. Maybe they need to stay off social media for a couple of days, stop making all of these public appearances and start doing their job they were elected to do.

Omar said: “I ran because I believed it was time to restore moral clarity and courage to Congress. To fight and to defend our democracy.” Well, I would like to know when she is going to start doing that. Omar is making people in this country very upset, and apparently, she doesn’t realize or care how her very own words are damaging to the majority of Americans.

Am I wrong to say Omar has no moral clarity and courage? Therefore she should not be in Congress? Am I also wrong to say Americans will not stand by the sidelines and will never forget 9/11?

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She lives in a weird far left, radical bubble. And, as a typical socialist/democrat, she blames others. She needs to grow up and accept responsibility for her actions and words.

According to a Pew Research Institute study conducted in 2007, 38% of Muslims worldwide support violent jihad against “infidels.” That is one reason why you will never hear Omar or other Muslims speak out against the 9-11 attacks.

Let me say with everything that is inside of my heart; you don’t need to incite violence against someone like Omar. Her ideas and positions are so abhorrent that you just quote her directly and people figure it out. It’s only the left who advocates and commits violent acts since they can’t win any actual arguments. That’s why they’re against free speech and freedom more broadly.

I also believe people aren’t threatening Omar. It’s just some people doing things.




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