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Fox News Host, GOP Lawmaker Clarify Omar Statements After She Complains

Both Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade and Rep. Dan Crenshaw clarified their tweets which seemed to call out Rep. Ilhan Omar for her support for America after she threw shade on the importance of naming the killers of 9/11.

On Wednesday, Kilmeade tweeted: “Really? ‘Some people did something?’ You have to wonder if she is an American first. Can you imagine if she was representing your community, and you were in her district, how embarrassed you must feel today.”

I guess that Kilmeade didn’t want to be removed like Judge Jeanine Pirro who also questioned Omar’s support for America while Crenshaw didn’t want the heat either. There’s nothing wrong with questioning Omar’s intentions. And while Americans are backtracking to save their livelihood, Omar grows stronger with her rhetoric.

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Ever since she was elected, she hasn’t said or done anything for her district in MN. All she is doing is making inflammatory remarks to buttress her agenda and uplift her sponsors. This is a slap on the faces and the victims of 911. This woman needs to be recalled else the Democrats will pay a political price. Pelosi and others in the Democrats should sanction her immediately.

Someone needs to look at how Omar is funded and by whom, where her ties are, the rhetoric she uses and the people targeted by her, and the kind of people she is associated with, then come back and tell us if she is a true American patriot. For someone who had been arrested in the past and can still be lawmaker is truly incredible indeed!

With the election of Omar and Ocasio-Cortez, and all of the potential Democratic candidates voicing a platform of promises of “FREE” Medicare, college education, etc., I do believe that the Liberal Socialist Democratic party’s death certificate has been completed, signed, and finalized.



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