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If You Are A Michael Jackson Fan Then You’ll LOVE His Nephew Jaafar Jackson

If you grew up on the Jacksons, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and the rest, then you know the family has a history of music in their blood.

Michael was unquestionably the most talented of the lot, but the rest of the family delivered hits after hits and made generation after generation dance.

There have been many referrals to the next Michael Jackson, as a testament to his greatness, but none comes this close. I am speaking of his nephew Jaafar Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson.

I noticed Jaafar around Christmas when he sang with his father and brother and many, including myself, heard Michael’s vocals in the young man. When the music industry tries to associate or compare you to someone great, it can be daunting, but Jaafar looks to have taken it in stride and his FIRST single looks to be a hit. It’s only been out for six days, but he’s bringing his “A” game.

He’s got the moves. He’s got the voice. He’s got the talent. The question is, does he have his head on straight to make this a sure thing.

I hope he does because believe it or not, there are too many artists out there that can’t sing or have been pushed ahead because they are so-called sex symbols but rarely these days do we have real artists, talented artists who bring back the days when music meant something or at least put a smile on our faces.

If this video had you smiling and remembering Michael in even a little way, share your comments below.


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