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ICE Has Quarantined 5,200 People For Mumps And Chicken Pox Exposure At Border

Over the past few months, Democrats have been telling the American people that there is no border crisis.

A few weeks ago, Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress: “Last month … we encountered a record of 144,000 border crossers, a record day of over 5,800 border crossings in a single 24-hour period and the largest single group ever apprehended at our border, 1,036 individuals.”

Now CNN, yes CNN has reported numerous cases of chicken pox, tuberculosis, scabies, and lice among the migrants. Even the Daily Caller reported: “In one case, a teenager arrived at a medical clinic at the Texas border with a “vile-smelling wound on his foot.” A pediatrician said this could cause that teenage to lose his leg.

(CBP Reports: ILLEGAL Border Crosser Arrests Hit SHOCKING Record — 144,278 In One Month!)

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed 5,200 adult immigrants in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox, a dramatic jump from just a few months ago, the agency says.

ICE has recorded cases of either mumps or chicken pox in 39 immigrant detention centers nationwide, an ICE official tells CNN.

Of the 5,200 detainees in quarantine across those centers, around 4,200 are for exposure to mumps. Around 800 were exposed to chicken pox and 100 have been exposed to both.

The Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly warned of the toll the increasing number of migrants at the border has taken on the department. This week, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan urged lawmakers for additional funding to assist operations, calling the crisis “unlike anything our country has ever faced.” [CNN]

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