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ICE Chief: Trump Has Done More For Border Security And Public Safety’ Than Past 6 Presidents

Liberals will hate this and never-Trumpers will scoff but when the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement say this, be very proud of your voting choice.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been working the border since he got into office back in January. Many had hoped he as taking care of Hilary Clinton and placing her behind bars sooner or later, but you have to give him his due in controlling the border situation and also going after MS-13.

Source: Washington Examiner

“This president has done more for border security and public safety than any of the six presidents I’ve worked for. Just since his leadership in January, border crossings are at a 45-year low. Now that’s not a coincidence. That’s because this president has let the men and women of Border Patrol and ICE do their job,” Homan told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

Homan was nominated in mid-November to permanently oversee the interior enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security.

As a candidate, Trump promised to deport criminal illegal immigrants on his first day in office. During the administration’s first 100 days, more than 41,000 illegal immigrants were arrested under Homan’s command of ICE.

Proof positive that the left is relentless and will do everything and anything possible to continually and constantly prove them stupid. Sanctuary cities are an open engraved invitation to criminals, crime, criminality, lawlessness, chaos, mayhem, murder, violence, destruction, and death.

Americans should be viewing how the left cares nothing for the individual but rather instead only that of the masses and their votes.

How more clear can it be, than to come from the guy, who is in charge? He says Trump has done more than all of the six Presidents that he has served. He also states, “that every place they have put up a wall, illegal crossing has gone down significantly.”

I agree with the Director on this. The whole concept of Sanctuary Cities/States is insane. Those who are for this are putting those places in danger due to the criminal element utilizing this to hide from the law. I say no funding for any ‘sanctuary’ and let ICE do its job without interference.

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