ICE Director BLASTS Pelosi For Calling Agents Who Enforce Immigration Laws ‘Cowardly’

ICE Director Thomas Homan is angry Rep. Nancy Pelosi called his agents ‘cowardly’ for enforcing America’s law to arrest and deport illegal aliens.

Pelosi constantly depicts illegal aliens as heroic trespassers while she attacks our law enforcement who protect our citizens. Homan isn’t happy with her decision to demonize our people and joined Fox News to release his fury.

What is cowardly is caving in to and pandering to a criminal special interest group and putting their demands ahead of the safety and welfare of the legal taxpayers of the state of CA. I’m looking at you, Nan. And your equally cowardly friends Maxine and Moonbeam, and so many more liberal progressives that have destroyed a once beautiful and prosperous state.

People like Pelosi have forgotten that they have a duty as an American citizen to do what’s best for our country, not cater to specific groups because you and the Democratic Party want votes, the political parties are ruining this nation.

Source: Fox News

Homan responded on “Varney & Co.” defending his officers for putting “their lives on the line” each day for their country

“So how dare you call them cowardly,” he said.

He pointed out that the criminal illegal immigrants ICE targeted in recent raids were the ones who were actually terrorizing immigrant communities, as they are charged with serious offenses such as assault and murder.

“ICE went in there and removed these people from the community. So that’s far from terrorizing. We’re protecting people, we’re protecting the American public,” Homan said.

Watch the interview here:

What is wrong in California? Illegals are the only votes the Democrats out there can count on. They are finished. They want to end the tax break and bonuses and raise taxes and give everything free to illegals. They are just nuts. What working would Democrat want that?

I take offense that anyone would call law enforcement cowardly today with so many of them paying the ultimate sacrifice to protect us. You should be removed from office immediately if not sooner you are an embarrassment to our great country.

Take Pelosi’s millionaire bought private security, and she would be singing a different tune. Let the illegals, homeless bums, and druggies come camp at her estate. She has the millions to support them.

Tell you what, Go Nancy! You’re handing the mid-terms over to the Republicans on a silver platter. When Hillary made the “deplorables” faux pas it sealed the President’s victory. Between your party’s comments on the NRA, the tax cuts and now this, the Red Tidal Wave will smash the Democrats this fall.

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