Ice Cube SLAMS Bill Maher: Sometimes You Sound Like A Redneck Trucker

HBO’s Bill Maher thought things were going to be cozy when Rapper Ice Cube sat down with him on his Friday Night show but things turned quickly!

I have never been more proud of Ice Cube standing up against Maher on a few subjects. Maher felt super comfortable using the word “house nigga,” when he spoke with Sen. Ben Sasse last weekend. Then, Ice Cube called out Maher’s show as a political tool and not the comedy show he’s been claiming it was.

Maher was quiet and probably surprised at Ice Cube’s frank reaction.

Source: Mediaite

Ice Cube started out his interview with Bill Maher by telling him he knew he “was gonna fuck up sooner or later.”

Maher apologized again earlier for his use of a racial slur last week in a conversation with Michael Eric Dyson, but Ice Cube had a few things to say too.

He told Maher multiple times that he loves his show, but also told him that he’s come close to crossing the line with some of his jokes. He even said, “Sometimes you sound like a redneck trucker.”

At one point, Maher said that people watching right now “are saying that point has been made.” Ice Cube responded, “Not by me.”

He and panelist Symone Sanders agreed that this was a teachable moment not just for Maher, but for the entire country.


Maher kept speaking about how he apologized but that doesn’t fix the fact he felt that comfortable to say it without thinking first. that was his huge mistake.

What did you think of Ice Cube’s reaction and call out? Share your opinions and analysis below in the comment section.

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