Since Trump Signed Executive Order; ICE Illegal Aliens Arrest Average 400 A Day!

This is not your country, this is our country and if you can’t come over here the legal way then you have no place here. This is a land of laws!

Since being given the green light to ramp up its pursuit of illegal aliens under a presidential executive order, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have arrested more than 41,000 individuals since January — at an average of 400 arrests per day, according to a report by ICE.

This is why America voted in President Trump and not Hillary Clinton. We are a melting pot but we are not a daycare nursery. We don’t have

Source: Free Beacon

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Wednesday that it has arrested more than 400 individuals per day since President Trump signed executive orders calling for tougher immigration policies.

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Between Jan. 22 and April 29, the immigration enforcement agency arrested 41,318 individuals on civil immigration charges, 75 percent of whom were convicted criminals, after Trump signed immigration-related executive orders in January. That number represents a 37.6 percent increase from the same period in 2016.

“These statistics reflect President Trump’s commitment to enforce our immigration laws fairly and across the board,” ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said in a statement. “ICE agents and officers have been given clear direction to focus on threats to public safety and national security, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the arrest of convicted criminal aliens.”

These illegal aliens save all the money they can and send it back to their home countries; in the meantime, the legal working class pays for the illegal aliens’ hospital bills and school for their kids! Incredible! Only in America right? Send them all back!

Human rights? Sure, they will get it. They will be treated with respect and deported back to their home country with the quickness.

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