I didn’t hear that Either: Obama sits in Church pew while Pastor racially attacks Conservatives during Easter Sermon

When I first saw this on another website I had to check to find out what was happening and the way it was worded it seemed that Obama spoke these words (the website has been fixed) but it wasn’t Obama, it was Pastor Luis Leon who went total racial bomb while Obama sat in the pews. Not that Obama was going to say anything to change the meaning of the sermon but this was another time that Obama will say that he didn’t hear what racist language the pastor was using during a morning sermon.

Barack Obama greets Pastor Luis Leon. Leon Attack Conservatives today during Easter Sermon speaking about Republicans wanting Blacks to be in the back of the bus.

The president heard a sermon by the Rev. Dr. Luis Leon, who told the congregation it is acceptable to have doubts about their faith, but it is important not to dwell in the past.

“When we dwell on the past, when we dwell on the ‘if-onlys’ of life, we forget that God addresses us in the now,” Leon said.

The sermon turned slightly political when Leon said there are some members of the religious right who are trying to pull people back rather than letting them move forward.

“The captains of the religious right are always calling us back, back back. For blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the kitchen, for gays to be in the closet and for immigrants  to be on their side of the border,” Leon said. “What you and I understand is that when Jesus says you can’t hang onto me, he says you know it’s not about the past, it’s not about the before, it’s not about the way things were but about the way things can be in the now.”

Will you accept the invitation from our gospel today to see things with Easter vision, recognizing reality in a different and new and wonderful way?” he later added. “Today the choice is yours.  Jesus Christ is risen today. That’s the proclamation.  May god bless you with Easter vision now and forever. Amen.”

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