I always have to stop myself and remember not all blacks think alike. You reminded me of that today – Miranda

District of Columbia Young Republicans

This morning I received a heart-felt message from a follower on my facebook fan page and I asked her if I could share it with everyone. I also added both speeches so that you can see what my friend was speaking about and how it ate at her th way that both crowds reacted to both individuals that spoke. It’s strange and obvious that the NAACP crowd is backing once again their Democratic plantation owners and was very happy to make sure that they wouldn’t suffer punishment by not showing smiling faces and welcoming hearts for – The Vice President? Here is the message from my friend. I hope you enjoy!

I was pleased to be given your video to Romney by a friend of mine. Because after watching Biden’s hate filled speech to the NAACP and the cheering that came from the audience I was truly depressed. I am upset because the black community are not opening up their minds. They are eating what is being fed to them by Obama and the Democratic Party. Since Obama has taken office racism has gotten worse. For me, I can’t go into Walmart with my baby anymore.

I am despised because the color of my skin by blacks. I’ve always been cool with all races and have always treated everyone the same. No matter the color, or how much money you got. But, these days, I will admit something to you…I’m starting to dislike blacks because of their dislike for me, and the fact they think Obama walks on water when I find him to be so evil.

I always have to stop myself and remember not all blacks think alike. You reminded me of that today. However, at the NAACP today where Biden gave his speech. My worst fears were rolling out before my eyes and ears. It really was very sad. But, your video gave me hope. I hope you keep speaking out and encouraging other blacks to open their minds. Thank you so much for giving me hope.

Take care my friend, Miranda

Romney’s Speech to NAACP

Biden’s Speech to NAACP

My Rebuttal to Media Criticism of Mitt Romney

Wayne Dupree

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