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Hume Compares Surveillance Of Carter Page With FBI Spying Of MLK Jr

Whether it be politicians or the opposition media, they throw around Rev. Martin Luther King’s name with their warped sense of reverence.

Brit Hume, Fox News personality, tried to compare what happened to then-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page with what J. Edgar Hoover did to King back in the 50s and 60s but he based it on the word “spying” being used as the only difference.

The only difference is the media called the King surveillance “spying,” and get the vapors when that word is used about Carter Page surveillance —> What’s the difference between the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page and Martin Luther King? asks @wjmcgurn

One reason why I think this is ludicrous statement is that the FBI’s surveillance of Rev. King included constant harassment that led to sending him blackmail takes and encouraging him to commit suicide.

Page never got that type of treatment unless we weren’t told something.

I also agree with a few Twitter responses that called out Hume on the comparisons.

One very important difference is that a federal judge did not authorize the wiretap of Martin Luther King. The wiretap of Carter Page was authorized by a federal judge who reviewed the evidence and concluded there is sufficient evidence to justify a wiretap.

Other notable differences include probable cause, a court order, not attempting to induce the target to commit suicide, etc.

Well @brithume, as a result of the FBI spying on MLK, Congress passed a statute in 1978 called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which sets up a probable cause threshold which must be approved by a federal judge before surveillance can begin. Sooooo…big difference.

The Obama administration did a poor job of hiding their crimes with plausible deniability because they never imagined Hillary would lose the election they had rigged for her to win.


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