HuffPost Contributor Says Trump Supporters “Deserve To Die” In Deleted Article

On Friday, it was reported musician Chris Cali penned a heinous article for The Huffington Post on April 13 saying Trump supporters “deserve to die more than I do.”

The story is trending today after Twitchy reported Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold slammed the news organization for posting the piece.

An archive of the original article remains online.

In his piece, one issue Cali was upset about is military intervention, including the MOAB bomb, dropped in Afghanistan. At the time, he questioned how many civilians could have died. But now we know the bomb killed at least 100 ISIS terrorists, and no civilian got harmed. However, there were many other issues he had with Trump.

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He included some very vulgar language to try and make his point. But near the end of the article, here is what Cali said should happen to Trump fans. Source: Free Beacon

So sorry not sorry, but the ones who actually deserve to have a nuke dropped on them first are the ones who voted to get us all into this mess. They’re the ones who would have brought it on themselves if their healthcare was taken away and they dropped dead from their pre-existing conditions. These are the people who should be filling the front lines of whatever war Trump wants to start so he and his billionaire buddies can profit off weapons manufacturing and oil contracts. These are the people who deserve to have their towns annihilated. These people are who actually deserve to die in a war that they’ll line up to support. Not my ass. I have a lot to live for. They’ve already decided that they don’t.

Talk about a disgusting and poorly written article. I would never wish anything like this for those who supported Hillary Clinton. Regardless of your view on Trump, these words are despicable and should not be tolerated by anyone. The election was over five months ago. It is time for these people to accept the results and move on.

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