Felicity Huffman Hires PR Firm That Handled Press For Trayvon Martin’s Family

Paying a crisis management team to help you solve your problems is similar to buying your way into a school you can’t enter on your merit. What is wrong with these people?

Just admit what you did, crisis averted!

The former “Desperate Housewives” star just retained crisis PR firm, The TASC Group, to handle all her media inquiries and press regarding Operation Varsity Blues.

The TASC Group may sound familiar because they actually handled all the press for Trayvon Martin’s family during the trial of George Zimmerman. TASC was hired by The Trayvon Martin Foundation to assist the family with “around-the-clock” responses to the media and strategic guidance.

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As we reported, prosecutors in the ongoing criminal case are giving defendants an opportunity to talk and score a plea deal, however it’s unclear if Huffman is one of the accused willing to spill the beans.

Sources close to the case tell us Huffman had also consulted with Mel Gibson‘s criminal defense attorney, Blair Berk, but because the case is being tried in Boston she did not officially join the legal team. [excerpt via TheBlast]

You know you’ve indeed failed as a parent when you hire a PR crisis team, yet another thing ordinary folks can’t afford along with bribing your kid’s way through life while they suck up college space and oxygen that many more deserving kids should rightfully have.

This is trying to buy her way again. Entitled attitude and money is the liberal way of getting what they think they deserve. Hopefully, this whole thing will give her a new wardrobe, orange one-piece jumpsuits. See how a publicity management team spins that.

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Celebrities are always lecturing us average citizens about how we should give all our money to those less fortunate and change and that we are responsible for global warming while their bums sit in their mansions surrounded by all their money behind their walls and fences.

If I sound angry, it’s because I am. The truth of the matter is they will probably buy their freedom with some bogus plea agreement and get a huge fine. What about those kids who didn’t get in because these Hollywood families STOLE seats in college for their children?

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