Huffington Post Writer Sued By Eric Bolling For Defamation for $50 Million!

Fox News Eric Bolling is taking Huffington Post Yashar Ali to court and suing for $50 million dollars in damages in the writer’s attempt to produce a story to defame him.

The left fights like this politically by defaming you, then they lie about you, sue you for trumped up charges – all to wreck your career or derail your political future. Fox and its people are one of the targets. NEVER take ANYTHING the left says at face value. Most times, these days, it’s lies and obfuscation.

Protect your sources? Let’s see how it works for the journalist protecting his sources in a civil defamation lawsuit.

Not only should Bolling sue the reporter, but include the editor that authorized the release of the story & the Huff Post for authorized printing a false & damaging story. Fifty-million dollars each is not enough, try tripling that figure!

The most likely scenario is that these ladies only claimed to have received these lewd texts and didn’t share them. Remember, this supposedly happened years ago, and these ladies are going to claim they deleted these texts.

I wouldn’t want to be this reporter. He simply reported damaging gossip without any verification. He’s in trouble.

Source: Washington Examiner

Bolling is seeking $50 million from Ali for a myriad of damages including, “reputable, monetary, special, and punitive.” Bolling is also seeking relief for “costs and fees,” according to a copy of the summons tweeted by CNN reporter Tom Kludt.

HuffPost’s Yashar Ali reported on Friday that Bolling, on multiple occasions, sent unsolicited photos to female co-workers several years ago. On Saturday, a Fox spokesperson confirmed that Bolling had been suspended and that an investigation into the allegations was underway.

Bolling’s attorney told HuffPost on Saturday the host said he “does not believe he sent any communications.”

Bolling also tweeted Wednesday night following the news of the lawsuit, thanking everyone for their continued support and ensuring that he would continue to fight to clear his name.

These liberals think they can say anything about anyone without consequence. They destroy lives and careers without even thinking about it. It’s about time they learn actions DO have consequences.

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Ali said he would protect his sources. Well, he’s going to lose his case since the judge will order him to provide all the data he used and the sources of it. When he refuses, the Court will default him and set a trial on damages alone. You cannot libel someone and hide behind anonymous sources. This type of behavior has to stop!

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