Huckabee: If Cruz Can’t Pledge To Vote For Trump, He Should Quietly Decline Speaking Slot

[easy-tweet tweet=”Why do you think Cruz accepted the speaker role at the GOP convention?”]WOW…Governor Huckabee just threw down the gauntlet.

Many Donald Trump supporters and Sen. Ted Cruz supporters have been wondering what’s up with the move to have the former GOP candidate speak at the GOP convention week after next. It doesn’t make sense to many how will play out, especially with Cruz never formally endorsing Trump or speaking on his behalf. Cruz has been very quiet since he left the race after losing the Indiana primary.

I felt, depending on what day Cruz speaks, this could be a setup for him to become the Vice Presidential pick but then again I digress. Governor Mike Huckabee penned a piece for Politico that called out Cruz, and he didn’t hold anything back.

From Politico:

But we all agreed that we would support whoever survived that cage match. I have kept my word, and I am supporting Donald Trump and will gladly do so because I respect the voters and the process and accept the verdict. There were some on that stage I would have had a far more difficult time supporting than Trump. But if one of them had earned the nomination, I would have sucked it up and been true to my pledge to support the nominee—not just because I promised (though that is reason enough), but because as well as I know the other Republicans, I know Clinton better. I served 10 and a half years as governor of Arkansas, where the Clintons lived and served. It was the Clintons who left behind the government I inherited.

Should Cruz, Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham or any of the others not own up to their nationally televised promise to support the GOP nominee whoever it was, they most certainly should not get near the stage at the RNC. And we all should remember that they would have expected us to support them had they been the nominee, but in a crucial moment for America, they decided to help Obama have a third term by helping Clinton.

Donald Trump met with Senator Cruz in Washington on Thursday and reportedly offered him a speaking slot at the convention. That was a gracious and generous offer from Trump. According to Senator Cruz, there was not a requirement to endorse. Let’s hope that the senator will reciprocate the kind gesture and use a speech as the occasion to honor his nationally televised pledge to do so. If he can’t do that, he should quietly decline the speaking slot.

No matter how you feel about Huckabee, he has a point. Why accept a speaker role if you can’t accept the nominee? How much sense does that make? Does anyone expect Cruz to mention Trump’s name during his speech at the GOP convention and if so, what would he say? Cruz played prison rules against Trump the last couple of months he was in the race and severely damaged himself more. Why take a role that could damage him even more.

Would Cruz’s speech just deal with the few evangelicals that supported him during his campaign? I am trying to wrap my head around Cruz’s acceptance to speak. Could it be that he is an opportunist who jumps at the chance when offered?

Why do you think Cruz accepted the speaker role at the GOP convention? Is there something else happening we don’t know about but have heard through rumors? Share your voice below in our comment section.

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